Our Philosophy:  Kids learn best through play.  Creativity is the foundation for critical thinking and problem solving.  So, by playing creatively your kids and ours will strengthen their abilities to think critically, creatively and have lots of fun!!!!

Nate and Cara have over 20 years combined experience teaching elementary school students.  As certified teachers holding Master's Degrees, we have learned the importance of creative play for the social and intellectual development of our students and want to bring unique creative play opportunities to your kids.  

We started Kids Create for our kids and yours.  We promise a safe, fun environment in our shop that stimulates creative play.  

Nate and Cara met after joining Teach For America in 1999.  Nate taught in a Baltimore City public school before moving to join Cara in the New Orleans public school system.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina ended our happy careers there (that is a long story!).  Cara is still teaching in Connecticut, while Nate has dedicated his time to opening Kids Create for you to enjoy.  

Cara is an active leader at her school and is a member of the Board of Directors at a Naugatuck day care facility. 

Nate has self-published a book on character education--another one of his passions, and is an Advisory Board member of BWSTOP, a domestic violence awareness non-profit organization in Connecticut.  

Please visit Kids Create so we can get to know each other!  


“I've been to Kids Create three times with my 7 year old grand daughter.  She loves the concept, the cost is reasonable, the atmosphere is kid friendly.  It is worth exploring for younger children.  A nice way to spend a few hours.”  Joe M.

“Kids Create is the best school ever!”--Remi, age 4

It is the best place ever..I love it..I have so much fun
there with my friends...from Emma